International 'Farm and Sea to Table' Dine Out Day


Help us raise money to help the next generation of America understand how to eat the right foods to grow and stimulate their brains.

We wanted to reach out to your organization and let you know about our "Brain Awareness Project" Powered by FAN (food and nutrition). This preventative educational nutritional program to after school kids (8-18) is a program intended to insure our next generation forms good eating habits and begins to reverse the growth of cognitive impairment diseases. Many of us have heard on the radio and on TV the group Feeding American talking about the 16 million American kids who have no food. They forget to tell you 5.7 million (30%) of those 16 million kids are obese!  You see it is a proven fact, obesity can lead later in life to Type 2 Diabetes which can lead to Cognitive Impairment (Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and TBI) etc. 

Getting kids food to eat is the first steps. Now it is time to take the next step and insure they are eating the right foods. This educational program addresses youth (after school programs), regarding the nutritional benefits of eating the right foods and how eating the proper foods will increase your brains ability to function. Additionally, the program addresses how eating certain foods will enable increased brain function and decrease the possibility of obtaining cognitive impairment. The program also addresses possible effects certain foods have on improvement of brain function as it pertains to TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). By the year 2040 according to the CDC and the Rand Corporation, Cognitive Impairment will be the #1 cause of death and largest cost to the American people ahead of heart disease and cancer.

We know along with many factors, genetics, heavy metals, environment, health (type 2 diabetes) your diet and nutrition play a big factor in the decrease of Cognitive Impairment. One of the best ways to reverse the trend is to have the youth of today change their eating habits. This preventative measure will insure our success in the future to curb these horrible diseases.


It is our intention to attack these issues with a three pronged strategy:


  1.  Make The Brain Awareness Project available to as many kids 8-18 in America as possible.
  2. Establish The Johnny O Foundation Culinary Farm To Table awards to selected chefs and restaurants across America who display exemplary use of farm to table nutrition on their menu's.
  3. Establish a National Farm To Table Dine Out Day on Saturday October 22nd 2016. This day will also coincide with our 2016 award winners holding a fundraiser for our foundations work. September is also National TBI Awareness Month on the National Health Calendar. We will have all details available on National Farm To Table Dine Out Day by 7/1/2016


Please help us make a real difference and support our project by either becoming a sponsor or participating in National Farm To Table Dine Out day! Contact Mark ORavitz at The Johnny O Foundation for more details.

Thank you for all your kind support


Mark "MARKO" ORavitz, CEO
The  Johnny O Foundation 
Phone - 602-820-7655

Hosted by The Johnny O Foundation, the only national foundation to link Alzheimer's, Dementia and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)