Corporate Giving & Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in becoming a corporate partner of The Johnny O Foundation . Corporate partnerships provide us with the opportunity to bring awareness to a variety of audiences in support of the global fight against cancer while engaging employees and consumers in a positive cause.

In many cases, The Johnny O Foundation 's mission-related activities cannot be accomplished as well alone as they can through collaboration and partnerships with like-minded organizations.

For this reason, The Johnny O Foundation seeks to forge relationships with for-profit corporations through: Corporate Charitable Giving TEAM Johnny O & Other Sponsorships Licensing & Cause Marketing

We welcome the opportunity to explore new corporate partnerships. Our corporate giving team looks for companies with a firm reputation and strong brand image who would like to make a significant contribution that is clearly defined to the consumer.

Corporate involvement in the The Johnny O Foundation mission has taken many forms over the years. Corporations have made outright grants, underwritten the cost of established as well as developing programs and they have enabled us to conduct various fundraising initiatives. These traditional forms of corporate gifts have historically been extensions of a company's own commitment to philanthropy and have not been directly related to the company's marketing endeavors.

More recently, corporate relationships have closer connections to the commercial activities of the company, such as establishment of its corporate image and marketing of its products and services. Companies are increasingly basing decisions regarding relationships with The Johnny O Foundation on whether these relationships support business goals. This creates significant opportunities for The Johnny O Foundation to enhance its ability to accomplish our mission in areas where our interests and for-profit corporations overlap. These relationships are entered into thoughtfully, with careful consideration given to possible unintended effects, especially regarding The Johnny O Foundation 's relationship with the public.

The Johnny O Foundation offers opportunities for corporate partners to make a difference in the lives of people affected by cancer worldwide through charitable giving programs. The Johnny O Foundation provides extensive partner resources and maximizes our partners' giving potential through collaboration on program development, implementing best practices and creating a passion for the Johnny O Foundation mission. Employees and customers bond in their desire to support the Johnny O Foundation mission, enhancing customer loyalty and improving employee morale.

To learn more about becoming a Johnny O Foundation corporate partner, please contact