UCLA Brain Injury Research Center

The UCLA Sports Concussion Clinic utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to sport-related concussion and pediatric TBI.

We treat:

  • athletes from all levels of competitive sport participation, from school-aged children to the professional level.
  • children with all severities of traumatic brain injury, regardless of cause.

The UCLA Concussion Clinic provides comprehensive neurological exams and neuropsychological testing, along with computerized neurocognitive testing at baseline and follow-up. UCLA provides a referral network including spine specialists, sports medicine, neurorehabilitation, and neuroimaging. Return to activity guidelines are coordinated with school administrators, coaches, and parents.

Our clinic is one of six Neurological Care facilities in the nation, providing multidisciplinary care to current and former professional football players. We also provide neurological care for Iraq and Afghanistan military service members through Operation Mend.